Well equipped room in the Hollywood Production Center, blocks from Paramount Studios and Technicolor.  24/7 access, cafe and valet parking. 

What I do

What's in the toolshed?

Location, location, location

Davinci Resolve on a Mac system capable of working in up to 4K size files/rasters. Monitoring: Sony BVM -F250 OLED, Panasonic plasma (w/ext. LUT box), Tektronix WVR5200 Waveform monitor.  TB RAIDs (2), RED Rocket. Avid MC8.3 and FCP7 software.

To a colorist two things should matter a lot: a strong aesthetic point of view and the willingness to alter that point of view to accommodate the client's vision.  At the end of the day the client has to walk away knowing his or her time and money have been well-spent in the color grading room.

Color Finishing for Television
‚Äčand Film